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Trade Mark Legal Services for Small Business

Trade mark protection can be a complicated legal minefield to navigate through for many small businesses. Our trade mark registration services offer clarity, confidence and peace of mind to small business owners.

How much?

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Why small business?

The answer is simple – we’re a small business too!

We understand what it means for small businesses when they consider protecting themselves through trade mark registration. It’s not that clear or easy to follow, especially if you’ve never done it before. We have.

We know what it’s like when you have a limited budget and we know what it’s like when you always have to allocate resources efficiently and effectively. But you don’t always have to make sacrifices, especially when it comes to protecting your business. It’s not something you should compromise.

Our goal is to make the trade mark registration process as simple and as affordable as possible

As a small business, you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise in the area of trade mark protection and registration. We provide practical and easy-to-follow steps that can increase the value and security of your brand and improve your business. We guide you through the protection offered by the legal framework found in common law, the Trade Marks Act 1995, and through trade mark registration in Australia and overseas.

If you haven’t registered a trade mark before or if you’re not familiar with the trade mark legal framework or intellectual property protection, embarking on the trade mark registration process alone can be a daunting and challenging experience. That’s where our experienced trade mark lawyers can help you. Our plain language advice and professional representation make trade mark registrations hassle free and easy to understand.

Our fixed fee low cost legal services means you’ll realise a return on investment sooner and you’ll quickly appreciate the value that we offer through our trade mark registration services. There’s no better way to quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of trade mark protection.

Adverse reports, objections, and infringements

Of course, not every application is a sure winner – sometimes you get stopped at the examination stage with an adverse report. Don’t worry, it happens. Our job is to help you through the process of responding to the examiner to put your best case forward. We’ve helped many clients in preparing the evidence and the response through various levels of review, including an oral hearing at IP Australia.

What if someone objects to your trade mark or later infringes your trade mark? We handle those too. Whether it’s dealing with or making objections or handling infringements, we consider it all part of protecting your brand. We help you look after your investment.

Not for profit organisations

We’re known for our commitment and dedication to serving and supporting the local community. Our reputation also holds true when it comes to helping not for profit organisations protect their brands through trade mark registration.

An organisation doesn’t need to be profit-driven to benefit from its brand or trade mark. We recognise the importance of good clear branding and brand protection for not for profit organisation as well. Our trade mark registration services provide not for profit organisations with a low cost option when there would be no other option in protecting their brand.

Trade Mark Enquiry

For more information on our trade mark services and quotes on our professional fees, please contact us or visit our quoting page. Our experienced trade mark lawyers will contact you to explore how we can improve your business and add to your balance sheet by realising the value in your intellectual property through trade mark registration.

Ern Phang

Ern Phang
Trade Mark Lawyer

Ern Phang is the solicitor director of Phang Legal, an incorporated legal practice based in Parramatta CBD providing professional legal services in trade mark advice, representation and trade mark registration to businesses across Sydney and Australia.

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