The Trade Mark Registration Process

Your trade mark can be registered with an Australian government agency ( A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use, license, sell, otherwise deal with the registered trade mark within Australia for the goods and services the trade mark is registered for. A registered trade mark offers substantially increased protection in comparison to a common law trade mark. A registered trade mark is considered personal property and proof of registration is evidence of ownership of the trade mark.

A registered trade mark can allow you to stop competitors or other people from using your trade mark. A registered trade mark can also be defensive in nature, and may stop your competitors or others from challenging your trade mark. Even in small business, if you have a brand, logo, name, or even a tune that you use to market your goods or services and you consider it to be valuable to you, you should consider the benefits of protecting you trade mark through trade mark registration.

The trade mark registration process takes a minimum of 8 months. We can assist by simplifying the process for you and give you peace of mind when registering your trade mark.

A flowchart of the process appears below:

Trade Mark Registration Process - Simple and Unopposed

Download our flowchart: Trade Mark Process – Simple and Unopposed