Improving Efficiency in Trade Mark Registrations

Simple solutions

Clients have often asked how we are able to offer low-cost fixed price trade mark registrations, and the key is around providing clients with simple straight-forward solutions.

We acknowledge that more complicated scenarios involving adverse reports or objections and the like are not featured in the same low-cost fixed price policy, but that is simply because there is generally more work required in dealing with those complicated scenarios. In those scenarios, we are committed to still offering a fixed price quote, but that quote will account for the scope of work appropriately.

The low-cost fixed price trade mark registrations provides clients with an attractive alternative to other service offerings from other professionals. We believe small business clients will appreciate the no-frills approach to minimise any expense incurred in registering their trade mark and therefore maximise their return and rate of return on protecting their trade mark. We focus on the commercial reasons for trade mark registration and rely on small businesses justifying the benefits for themselves. When compared to other service offerings, we are confident that our clients are receiving the best value for money in terms of experience and expertise available in the market.

Dedicated to improvement

With each and every business case and trade mark registration application, we review our processes to ensure that meet the expectations of our clients and achieve the goals that they engage us to achieve. Ensuring simple straight-forward solutions to our clients helps them because we lower our costs and pass the savings to our clients through low-cost fixed price trade mark registrations.