When should you register a Trade Mark? When should you seek protection of your brand?

Protecting your brand

If you have developed a brand to use for your business and you are serious about growing your brand, you should consider seeking protection as soon as possible.

In 2009 trouble brewed between Katie Perry, a Sydney Fashion Designer and Katy Perry, the popular American singer. Katie initially looked at registering a trade mark in her name in about 2006, however put it off until much later, in 2008. The trade mark went through the usual process without any objections, however a short while before the trade mark registration was issued, representatives from Katy Perry attempted to stop the process by objecting to the trade mark.

The case was heard in 2009, resulting in Katy Perry withdrawing the objection, however this situation could have been avoided entirely had Katie Perry proceeded with her application in 2006.

The lesson learned from this is simple: “Why put off something that could be done today?” If you are serious about growing your brand, you should seek protection of your brand as soon as possible.

Of course, you should develop your trade mark or your brand accordingly. Do a search on the internet. Check the trade marks search provided by IP Australia, and even do an ASIC search to be doubly sure.