Trade Mark Lawyers, not Trade Mark Attorneys

What is a trade mark attorney?

In Australia, a trade mark attorney is a professional person who is registered under federal legislation to help clients take advantage of and protect their trade marks and associated intellectual property rights. Services may include registering the trade marks in Australia or overseas. Trade marks attorneys hold tertiary qualifications and are trained in laws relating to trade marks, and have some understanding of the law relating to intellectual property.

What is a trade mark lawyer?

A trade mark lawyer is a lawyer who practices in the are of trade marks. We are not trade mark attorneys, we are trade mark lawyers. We are commercial lawyers who assist our small business clients with the legal issues in their business, including issues regarding trade marks and intellectual property. Trade mark protection or trade mark registration is not our area speciality, rather just one aspect of our overall service offering.

Advantages of using a trade mark lawyer

As trade mark lawyers offering services in trade mark registration and intellectual property, our diverse service offering across commercial law and trade mark law is an advantage to clients. Having a broader understanding of the law and different practice areas allows us to provide our clients with the solutions that they need in scope of their overall business requirements.

For clients in small business, we recognise that price is just as important as value and that there is always more than one perspective to any issue, and more than one solution to any problem. Avoiding unnecessary costs and delay, we make it clear to our clients that issues or problems that they face in small business may not be solely related to or caused by business branding, trade marks or trade mark registration.

Trade mark lawyers – we provide more, for less

As trade mark lawyers providing services in trade mark registration, we provide our clients with cost effective alternative to a trade mark attorney. Aside from low-cost fixed price trade mark registration services, we also offer simple straight-forward solutions across a range of services across our commercial law practice tailored to meet the requirements of our clients and their small businesses. We avoid using ‘scare tactics’ or ‘selling on fear’, rather promote the benefits against the costs and the risks within a commercial context and in a plain language and an easy-to-understand manner. We understand our clients and we understand small business.

Trade Mark Enquiry

For more information on our trade mark services and quotes on our professional fees, please contact us or visit our quoting page. Our experienced trade mark lawyers will contact you to explore how we can improve your business and add to your balance sheet by realising the value in your intellectual property through trade mark registration.

Ern Phang

Ern Phang
Trade Mark Lawyer

Ern Phang is the solicitor director of Phang Legal, an incorporated legal practice based in Parramatta CBD providing professional legal services in trade mark advice, representation and trade mark registration to businesses across Sydney and Australia.