Be proactive and protect your brand today

In today’s modern world, it is important to understand that your brand and goodwill has tremendous value. Your brand and goodwill sets your products and services apart and distinguish them from the products and services offered by others. This is why it is critically important that you should take adequate steps to protect your brand and your goodwill.

The failure to adequately protect your brand may have serious consequences. You may have to rebrand yourself. You may be exposed to unnecessary litigation. Either way, you risk losing the goodwill that your business has built up in the course of your trade. One of the ways to protect yourself is through the use of a Registered Trade Mark. A Trade Mark is a visual representation of your brand and serves to signal to others the goodwill and quality of the products or services of your business. Registration is carried out with IP Australia, an Australian Government body, and gives you exclusive rights to use the Registered Trade Mark anywhere within Australia.

A Registered Trade Mark also makes enforcement of your rights a lot easier – without a Registered Trade Mark, you will have you rely on common law principles as well as actions under the Trade Practices Act – and these have a higher hurdle to clear.

You may have looked at Registered Trade Marks in the past but you have been unclear what the process is or that it would be too expensive for you to undertake. We can do all of that for you and provide these services to you at a competitive rate. Why delay? Be proactive. Protect your brand today.